Out with the old and in with the new….Union Pacific Railroad buildings that is.

{ April 25, 2018 }

You may have noticed a new building down near the Legacy bridge on the Truckee Railyard project. This is an 11,000 square foot Union Pacific maintenance and operation building that was required to replace the older yellow building now being prepared to be dismantled. In fact, 100% of the Union Pacific required improvements have been accomplished, including the new UP building, relocation of the balloon track and construction of new storage tracks east of the balloon. This project is ON TRACK and moving forward!

My Last Supper with ALI

{ Rick Holliday | April 24, 2018 }

  Last January on the way home from Truckee I was thinking about Ali and pulled off the highway in Sacramento to check in on him. Ali suggested that we grab a bite of dinner and chat a bit. His physical appearance had changed but his spirit and exuberance for the Railyard Artist Project was as strong as ever. He was so excited about the results of the Truckee artist survey that he had compiled and was continuing to make this housing a reality. I left Sacramento that night feeling that he just might win this battle but alas he was taken in early March. THIS PROJECT WILL GO FORWARD. We will all have to work a little harder and strive for the quality that Ali would have brought but the commitment from CFY and Holliday Development is there.