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Significant progress was made in 2022 to create a second access route into downtown from Glenshire Drive and to also create a newly restored creek floodplain adjacent to Trout Creek. As work winds down for the winter months, the estimated completion date for these projects is mid-Summer 2023. This important work sets the stage for the future development at the Truckee Railyard which is planned to ramp up in the Spring.

Click here for additional background on these projects: Moonshine Ink article

Photos by Ted Coakley III/Moonshine Ink

From Moonshine Ink:

Summer projects are in full force for the Town of Truckee! One of those projects is the large hole in the ground that has been dug south of Glenshire Drive just east of downtown Truckee, which is beginning to look a lot like a newly restored creek floodplain. The project, known as Church Street Extension and Trout Creek Restoration Reaches 4 and 5 Project (admittedly one of the more long-winded project names around), will provide a second access route into downtown from Glenshire Drive and will improve overall circulation in the area. The creek restoration piece of the project will improve the ecological value of the creek and is designed to accommodate 100-year flood events. Creek restoration funds include one grant from the California Department of Water Resources for $1 million and another from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for $2.31 million.

One key component of the project associated with both the roadway and the creek restoration, which can be seen from Glenshire Drive right now, is the arch culvert with wingwalls (fancy name for the big gray structure in the middle of the hole dug in the ground) that consists of 20 pre-cast concrete pieces that were individually placed. This bridge structure will ultimately help connect Glenshire Drive to Downtown Truckee by way of supporting the Church Street extension leg of the roundabout.

Photos by Ted Coakley III/Moonshine Ink

The restoration of Reaches 4 and 5 of Trout Creek is planned for completion October 2022, with the new roadway (an extension of existing Church Street) connecting Church Street with Glenshire Drive following the creek work late fall 2022/early spring 2023, and a roundabout at the new Church Street extension/Glenshire Drive intersection to be constructed summer 2023.

If you have further questions about the project, please reach out to Scott Mathot, Town of Truckee’s senior engineer and project manager, for more information at or (530) 582-2481.

~ Scott Mathot, senior engineer, Town of Truckee