With land acquisition, entitlements, eight years of planning, and 3 years of infrastructure improvements complete, the Railyard sets its sites on vertical development. Now is a great moment for investors, commercial interest, and development partners to become a part of the future of the Truckee Railyard. The plan for the Railyard builds on a strong sense of community, a well-loved destination, and a world-class location by filling major voids in the Tahoe region’s marketplace. Growth in the full-time population and local economy has created immense unmet demand for workforce housing, live/work space, retail, and office space. Increasingly, Tahoe residents and visitors alike desire a mixed-use, dense and walkable place, which Truckee Railyard is uniquely prepared to offer. Long unmet local and regional demand for entertainment, a grocery store, new restaurants and retail, and civic destinations will be fulfilled by the Truckee Railyard’s expansion of a historic downtown to create a truly complete place at the Gateway to the Tahoe region.


Phase 1: Downtown Extension

The DE District will be a physical extension of the commercial shops, restaurants and lodging found along Commercial Row.  The DE District will also provide new housing, recreation and civic uses in Downtown.  The DE will be the most intensely developed District in the Master Plan area.

Phase 2a: Trout Creek

The TC District will provide a mix of single family and multi-family homes along the newly restored Trout Creek.  These home have the unique opportunity to provide well designed, smaller single family homes in the downtown core.

Phase 2b: Industrial Heritage

The IH District will contain a mix of uses including multi-family residential, artisan and commercial space, live-work and work-live uses.  Development in the IH District will be designed to reflect historic uses on the site, including the mill and buildings associated with railyard operations.