The Truckee Railyard Master Plan, which encompasses 75 acres directly east of Historic Downtown, was adopted by the Town Council in 2009. The 2009 Master Plan was created to formalize the Town’s vision for the Railyard Area and to guide its future redevelopment. The plan addresses building architecture and character, desired land uses, and private/public spaces including roads, sidewalks and parking among other aspects.

Following the adoption of the 2009 Railyard Master Plan the developer continued to refine site and building layouts, permitting, project costs and terms with Union Pacific Railroad. However, it became clear during this time that relocation of the balloon track—a major existing site constraint—would not be feasible and was no longer the preferred option. As a result, a revised Master Plan is proposed to reflect the changed circumstances. The amended Railyard Master Plan was submitted to the Planning Division on October 5, 2015 and is current under review. A joint Town Council/Planning Commission study session will be scheduled in the near future to present revisions and changes and also to present the first building to the public and decision-makers: The Rail House Theater.

Use the link below to access the proposed amended Railyard Master Plan, the adopted 2009 Railyard Master Plan, the Environmental Impact Report, and the 2009 Economic Impact Analysis Report.

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