Truckee Railyard Project


After 15-years of hard work, Holliday Development has completed the cornerstone and gateway to The Truckee Railyard Project! In this video hear how the plan for the Railyard builds on a strong sense of community, a well-loved destination, and a world-class location by filling major voids in the Tahoe region’s marketplace. Growth in the full-time population and local economy has created immense unmet demand for workforce housing, live/work space, and office space. Increasingly, Tahoe residents and visitors alike desire a mixed-use, dense and walkable place, which Truckee Railyard is uniquely prepared to offer. Long unmet local and regional demand for movie theaters, a grocery store, new restaurants and retail, and civic destinations will be fulfilled by the Truckee Railyard’s expansion of a historic downtown to create a truly complete place at the gateway to the Truckee-Tahoe region.

Watch here.